Don't be Fooled by Overpriced Classes.

                                 We are NRA Certified, With a 100% Satisfaction Rating.

We are a locally owned and operated business that offers several programs, to help you get to the next level, Regardless if your male or female. We offer courses that are catered to your budget and your specific needs.

Our Program Exceeds the State Requirements for Certified Instruction, and will make you a more comfortable and confident shooter.

Once you complete our program, we have continuing education and group forums. That if you choose you can become involved in.

A Concealed Carry Permit is easy to obtain, even if you have never fired a gun

Our instructors are NRA Certified, and follow the guidelines set by the State of Ohio.
                                        Regular Class Fee: $60

                                Have your own Class- Call for Details

Group Discounts are available. Special dates and times are available for large groups.

$60 Per Person

            Class Schedule  

       Saturday    August 19,2017

       Saturday    September 16, 2017

       Saturday    October 14, 2017

       Saturday    November 18, 2017

                 Class Starts @ 8am


                       Bring Your Own Ammunition

       We have Guns You can Use or Bring Your Own.

Outdoor Shooting Range, Please Dress Appropriately

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Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed Carry Classes


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